Servonaut SM+
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Servonaut SM+

  • the SM+ is a programmable sound player which is able to play up to four different sound samples. It is an ideal extension of our sound modules SM7, SMX and SMT.

  • Besides the realistic motor sounds of these sound modules you now can generate up to four extra sounds like horns, sirens, door slamming or any other noises.

  • It is possible to play sounds as constant loops (e. g. sirens) or momentary loops (e. g. horns). Activating the samples is achieved by pulse operation (short or long) of one single receiver channel.

  • As a special highlight you can control a servo synchronously to the playing of the first sample.

  • In order to download your samples you need the freeware tool SM+Prog.

  • required receiver channels: 1

  • servo style outputs: 1

  • max. duration: 60 sec @ 16kHz or 120 sec @ 8kHz

  • dimensions: 13 x 17 x 53 mm

  • recommended addition: Servonaut USB-ADAP - USB2.0 to RS232 converter

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